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Team Echols Foundation, Inc.

Increasing Colon Cancer Awareness

"Hey guys. I just wanted to reach out and say "thank you" for being such an inspiration for me. Even though, I've never battled cancer, your story is phenomenal, and I believe, that with God, all things are possible. It was so lovely to meet your family at the Georgia Aquarium. If there's anything that me, or my company can do for you, please let me know. Rod, send me a private message sometime brother. - Love from up above, The Nifongs.

"Mr.Echols, you are an inspirational individual who is a living example of the healing and what CTCA embodies. Thanks for being an advocate for CTCA's care that never quits. God's blessings be with the entire Echols family." - John Schaner

"Thank you so much. It's funny how things work we just found out we need new tires so this will help a lot. Thanks again and God bless!" - Angie Shadix

"I've taken advantage of MANY of their services. I've had acupuncture, physical therapy on my arm (using an amazing taping technique many don't seem to know much about to prevent lymphedema), mind-body consults, nutrition, naturopathy, speech therapy (helping me with memory and cognition) and pastoral support in addition to my medical care team. I can't thank you and God enough for guiding me to CTCA." - Karen Reynolds

"Rod, you and your family are beautiful and an inspiration." - Former classmate who contacted Rod after seeing commercial.

"Wonderful! What blessing you are Team Echols. Continue sharing the word and blessing others. Knowledge is power." - Shermaine Lee

This is great! looking at what you have accomplished gives other people hope. You continue to be a blessing to others!! - Sabrina Newton