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Team Echols Foundation, Inc.

Increasing Colon Cancer Awareness

We kicked off the Team Echols Foundation in March 2014 in honor of Colon Cancer Awareness Month with a lasagna dinner fundraiser at our home. Friends & Family showed up in a tremendous way and we immediately began using proceeds to help cancer patients and their families on a monthly basis. See below for 2016 updates. The list is updated on the last day of each month.

January 2016 - our donation recipient this month is the mom of Keisha's coworker, Miss Gertrude. She is a lung cancer patient who is currently undergoing treatment and received a little encouragement from the Team Echols Foundation by way of a dozen roses. 

February 2016 - Last week another coworker's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. This was in addition to several things going on in her life into the New Year that made her a little "overwhelmed." As a caregiver, I know how easy it is to sacrifice your own care in order to take care of a loved one. I also learned that you can't take care of anyone effectively unless you take care of yourself. I chose my coworker as this month's recipient and although she wishes to remain anonymous, we wanted to report that she was blessed with a gift card for a massage. She, her mom, and her family are in our prayers.
March 2016 - We met a beautiful couple at church last year who shared a wonderful testimony about their son's body being healed of a serious illness. A few months later, the husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Rod encouraged him from personal experience every time he saw him. He's such a great testimony of faith. They are a very simple couple who kept telling us, "we don't need anything" when asked how we could help. We decided still to bless them still as they are such an inspiration. To celebrate the completion of his chemo treatment, we gifted them with a gift card for dinner at their favorite restaurant.

April 2016 - Donnell & Nancy Griffin - Monetary Gift Card to Celebrate Treatment Progress

Cancer has struck another friend close to us, our prayer partners, Donnell & Nancy Griffin. I met "Sister Nancy" on the prayer line years ago through another friend. Nancy and those sisters have called out our names in prayer for years, through our wedding, the birth of our children, job relocations, the start of our business, for the enrichment of our marriage, and definitely during our cancer journey. I met her husband, Donnell, some time later an...d he's become a brother and encourager as well. Needless to say, when they called, it was time for us to return the favor. In addition to praying earnestly for Donnell's healing from lymphona, we blessed them with a monetary donation to fill in the gap while he's off of work for his first round of treatment. Brother Donnell, your faith is contagious and we're believing with you for complete healing 'cause we all know that GOD IS ABLE!!! We love Brother Donnell & SIster Nancy!!! Throwing up our peace signs 'cause that's what we're telling cancer!!!!

May 2016 - "Auntie Sheila" - Monetary Gift

If you have ever met my "Aunt Sheila," you know how contagious her spirit is! We love to know that she's coming to family events because she gets the party started, lol! She loves people and people love her, and that's why she is our donation recipient for the month of May. Auntie Sheila completed her last radiation treatment in October 2015 so this was long overdue, but we wanted her to know that Team Echols was still celebrating her crossing the finish line and her continued health! We Love You Auntie