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Team Echols Foundation, Inc.

Increasing Colon Cancer Awareness

Rod, Keisha, Preston & Pria (Team Echols) sincerely appreciate you visiting our website!

It's been over two years since Rod passed away and received his total healing on the other side. I have attempted to change this page several times, but every time I try, I freeze. However, as a little more time passes and the days get a little more easier, I continue to reflect on how blessed me, Preston and Pria were to have such a phenomenal husband and father, but how blessed we still are because of so many precious memories. If you were able to meet Rod, you know how committed he was to his family, but also to others experiencing cancer. Because of his tenacity in going through what was so very difficult at times while fighting his own battle, he pressed to still be there for others. Rod set the example for unselfishness and because of that example, we are honored to continue his legacy of Educating, Encouraging, and Inspiring. 

Roderick Echols, together with his wife and caregiver Keisha, established the Team Echols Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) in March 2014 with the purpose of educating, encouraging, inspiring and increasing awareness of colorectal cancer. Rod was only 38 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer after scheduling his own colonoscopy. Rod & Keisha were blessed with a wonderful community of friends, family, and coworkers, but wanted to find a way to be there for cancer patients and caregivers who are not as fortunate. The Team Echols Foundation, Inc. was formed as a way to help educate others about the importance of early detection, encourage those affected by any type of cancer, and inspire others by sharing their family’s story. Rod & Keisha learned through Rod’s diagnosis how important early detection is for any form of cancer. The #1 symptom of colon cancer is no symptom at all. Team Echols plans to use foundation funds to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families. Rod and Keisha’s cancer journey was shared in a national commercial by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which has prompted greetings and hugs from strangers who say they were positively impacted by their story. Keisha, Preston and Pria thank you all for your continued love and encouragement as we take Rod's torch and press forward with his, and God's work. We Love You Roderick Lemont Echols (August 1, 1973 - July 15, 2017)!

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